The holiday season means more time with friends and family. For most of us we have accepted the fact that local karting clubs are wrapped up and closed down until the 2017 season. But this shouldn’t mean your kart gets stuffed in a corner like dressing in a turkey for Thanksgiving.

“A clean kart is a fast kart” -Harlyn Kopp

Part 1: of this mini series will cover TEAR DOWN and how to keep it simple.

75% of all major repairs or cause for major rebuilds that come into the DMA Motorsports shop were a direct result of poor maintenance. Also, several on track failures were a direct result of not doing a basic tear down during the week. Now I know time is tight, and the weekend hobby race kart doesn’t need to have 40 hours dedicated to it, but a couple hours a night goes a long ways.
A simple tear down in the DMA shop consists of the following:

  1. Remove tires.
  2. If not already removed, pull air cleaner and block off intake.
  3. Loosen and pull back motor to get the chain off of the clutch and hanging on axle
  4. Remove rear gears
  5. Remove clutch from motor, you may have to loosen butterfly clamps quite a bit more and rock the engine over to the outside of the kart to ease access to bolt. 1/2″ wobbly socket on a cordless impact works well for removing clutch bolt.
  6. Remove front hubs and all spacers from spindles, just don’t forget your spacer order.

This is just one example of our simple “quick clean” tear down we do week to week during our local events. This is by far not ment to be a step by step guide on how to clean every kart but hopefully getting a look at our basic weekly tear down will add to or simplify yours.

Thank you for reading this post and please be sure to follow and share for more of this mini series, as well other tips from the DMA Motorsports team.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!