By now most of us are recovered from the turkey comma and have made are way back in to something of a standardized way of living until Christmas. This is the perfect time to start the tear down process if you have not done so already, (refer to part one for a few tips to get started).
With tear down complete, whether it be as simple as pulling a few primary parts off or as major as a complete strip, there is always the cleaning part.

In our shop we like to start out with the front end. Depending on the extensiveness of the tear down you will have anywhere from 2 hubs and 2 spindles to wipe down, to 4 hub bearings, and 4 spindle bearings to flush out.

Hubs: Our Platinum Racing Chassis TG3 comes standard with a snap ring on both sides of the hubs for easy bearing removal for cleaning and lubrication.

Right Front Removable Hub Bearings

If you have an older chassis that has the press in style bearings you can do one of 3 things

  1. Clean the hub as best as you can as it is with break cleaner, and dry with compressed air.
  2. Carefully knock the hub bearings free of the hub and attempt to remove the metal outer shield from bearings to flush them out. Be sure to not damage the shields as they need to be reinstalled after lubrication.
  3. DMA Motorsports carries an up grade kit for any brand of kart, price range is $75- $125 depending on which make and model kart. This kit includes both replacement hubs, and all spacers, studs and lugnuts to upgrade to a removable style bearing.
Hubs with bearings removed

Spindles: With the hubs cleaned and re-lubed we turn our attention to the spindle. Most all of the bearings are press in and have the metal shield on them, there are some options out there for removeable bearings but most are press in.

If you don’t have time to fully remove the spindle from the king pin and want to just do a quick clean and be done, we recommend the  following:

  • Blow area off completely with compressed air
  • Loosen the king bolt and spray off washer  stacks with brake cleaner
  • Spray off both upper and lower heims
  • Dry with compressed air and a clean rag
  • Spray pin, washers, heims, and spindle shaft with lubricant, we use Tri-Flo (available by the case or by the can from DMA Motorsports)
Right Front TG3 Spindle

Once done with that we will spray down, and blow dry the tie rods and ends and re-lube with Tri-Flo as well. Be sure to give the tie rods a little twist bsck and forth to be sure they aren’t bond up anywhere.

If you are doing a more extensive cleaning,

  • Remove the spindle, (be sure to record the number of washers above and below the spindle for reassembly)
  • Clean and lubricate where needed including the washers and kingpin
  • Inspect the kingpin for any bowing or major stressing (we will change them out periodically in the season as well)
  • Reassemble, if replacement of any parts occurs it is a good idea to check caster, camber, and toe

Keep in mind that a kart spindle will “flex out” or flatten over time. If you haven’t replaced them in several seasons it may be time to do so. Spindles range from  $35- $60 each depending on the brand, we keep several on hand for a variety of karts, and this simple replacement can wake up a kart that seemed to be flat or ill handling.

Thank you for reading part 2 of our mini series, Part 3 will cover the rear end and drive train. Please head over to our Facebook page: @DMAMotorsports and give us a follow we post tips and products regularly. We are also on Twitter: @DMA_Motorsports as well as Instagram: @dmamotorsports

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