Here at DMA Motorsports we have one of the best clutch programs around. I can say that for 2 reasons:

  1. We have a METICULOUS maintenance program.
  2. We work with the BEST clutch manufacturer in karting, SMC Clutches

Structure Mechanics Corporation have continually evolved and placed themselves at the fore front of karting. This combined with excellent support is why we have chosen to work with and be a full service SMC Vortex clutch shop.


Depending on the clutch average maintenance time is anywhere from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Our house clutch collection is comprised of 2 SMC Vortex Red ball bearing clutches, and 1 SMC Vortex Black clutches. For this example we will run through the process on the SMC Black clutch.

  • The SMC Vortex Black clutch is relatively straight forward to maintain, one bolt (1/2″ socket), will remove the clutch from the motor.
  • The hardware kit that holds the clutch to the engine is specifically designed for the one, two, or three disc Vortex black clutch it comes with so be sure to keep the bolt, washers, key and spacer together.

Once you have the clutch layed out on the bench you will notice that the basket is not attached to the hub and friction discs. Do not be alarmed, this is where the user friendly design of the SMC Vortex clutch really shines! 

  • Inspect hub and discs for any excessive wear or damage, and blow clean with compressed air. 
  • DO NOT use any solvents to clean the springs, levers,or hub plates. A rag and air will work best for weekly maintenance.
  • With a snap ring pliers, and a little finesse, remove the small snap ring on the inner race, inside of the drum.
  • With the inner race out of the way repeat the process to remove the large snap ring from the sprocket.

    You will notice that everything is now laid out, in pieces, EASY TO CLEAN! We cannot stress enough about how easy it is to perform weekly maintenance on SMC Vortex Clutches.

    • All the parts attached to the drum are “solvent safe”. 
    • We use a little brake cleaner and a shop towel to de-grease and clean the drum inner race and sprocket.
    • From here just work backwards applying a little grease to the moving parts.
    • Be sure to install the inner race after attaching the sprocket to the drum.
    • The chamfered inner edge of the race should be on the outside of the drum or towards the motor.

    We went fairly step by step on a good practice for weekly maintenance on the SMC Vortex Black Clutch. 

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