This has taken some time to type up and post for several reasons, but I will choose to keep those from you as excuses are pointless.

Our New Years weekend has consisted of 3 things for the past 2 years: celebration, family, and RACING!! We have opted to make a 12 hour trek south to Lincoln, Nebraska for the annual Nebraska Kart Shootout for the past 2 years and from a drivers stand point it has been a roller coaster.

The 7k kart has been out front on several occasions only to have an engine fail, or the tires give up. We have also gone out and miss the tires, the setup and the gearing by a mile and not even been a contender. But no matter what we have ventured down two years in a row to try for the Speed Dash Crown.

So now to get into the review and recap of our 2016 trip. We showed up Wednesday evening and were able to park inside right away, and that was about all we could muster. Let’s face it, 12 hours non stop in a vehicle is a stretch for anyone, so we were more than happy to park and go to bed.

Thursday: We took care of all the setup, the unloading, the rearranging, and then practice. We learned a lot and made some great test runs, we also learned a lot about the live feed world and how to distribute it to all of you.


Friday: Race day #1 and the official launch of the first ever DMA Motorsports Live feed. The 7k was register for 2 classes Adult Medium and Adult Heavy. We set up from the get go for heavy and found that our initial tire approach was way to soft for the amount of bite in the track. We ended up needing to race our way into the Heavy feature, but fixed or tire problem before the Medium qualifier and made it straight out of the heat race. The main event brought a track that had way more bite in it then originally planned and the kart ended up being locked down for both Features.

Adult Medium Finish: 10th

Adult Heavy Finish: 12th


Saturday: The BIG day, we were registered for medium, heavy, and speed dash heavy.  20/20 hind sight we should have focused on heavy and speed dash, because we ran into a time crunch as well as a motor nightmare that scares me to even repeat. We had a major down fall by missing the tires for the “new” track that was created with the drop in temp and extra water that was applied. from here out we couldn’t seem to get ahead, we missed qualifying for the speed dash by one position, we qualified for the both adult mediums and heavy. As with the rest of the day though the kart was handling was starting to come around, BUT, in the medium A-Main we got tangled in an accident that broke a seat, a tire and a motor that ended our weekend.

Adult Medium Finish: 18th

Adult Heavy Finish: DNS

Adult Heavy Speed Dash: 3rd in B-Main

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