This is our first weekly recap of the 2017 season, primarily because this is the first week that alot has changed.

I am now back to full health and at the shop, where I belong, getting the tedious job of kart clean up completed on the TG3. There is video clips of different parts of the tear down on our YouTube and Vimeo channels, links are also shared on our facebook page.

Monday: Spent time getting the shop straightened up, also worked on weekly conditioning of tires.
Tuesday: Started tear down of the house kart, TG3, and hit the point of reassembly. Filmed a couple help tip clips to help you out along the way of your tear down.

Wednesday: Finalized the tear down process and clean up began. Soaked some components, also filmed some cleaning techniques fo help speed your process if your struggling.

Thursday: Re-assemble rear end of TG3. My focus has been all about the house kart, and having it ready for sale.

Friday: Final assembly. Take and post for sale pictures. Get organized for the Andersen Racing karts to show up for their off season overhaul.

The week ahead has a swap meet on Saturday in Underwood ND. Focus on closing out the end of the year parts. Big business meeting on Monday with a potential customer. The rest of the week will we will be at the shop, the gym, and work in between.Thank you for all the support, please keep sharing us on all your social media and tag @DMAMotorsports on Facebook@DMA_Motorsports on Twitter and @dmamotorsports on Instagram. We love hearing from you and getting questions! Until next time, stay safe everybody!