2017 will bring a variety of rule changes, from local kart clubs to the national series.

Last season (2016) was the last season for the SNELL2005 “Float year”. This means that sanctioning bodies allowed the use of SNELL SA2005 certified helmets for one extra year due to the back log and limited supply of 2015 helmets. Going forward for 2017 you must have a SNELL SA2010 or SNELL SA2015. A 2010 rated helmet is good until the year 2020 unless it is damaged in an accident or the fitment is no longer safe.

So what are you looking for?

The SNELL rating is on a orange sticker attached directly to the inside shell of the helmet. If at first glance you don’t see it you may just have to pull back part of the padded liner. The tags should look like this:


The other thing to watch for is damage to the shield or shields. Scratches, scuffs and just plain wear and tear can add up to a very difficult piece of tempered plastic to see through.

A tear off is a helpful way to prevent scuffs from storage

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