Yes theses are just a couple of very, VERY, dirty bearings, but this is also the WHY WE DO for DMA Motorsports. Yes money is nice and getting paid to do what we love is a perk, but its not our entire WHY. 

We will never tell you that our way is the only secret sauce in the recipe to win on the kart track, but we will do our very best to get you the information you need to be consistently out front. We constantly push our programs to the next level hoping to find the next improvement. Then, once we have found a solution, or a better way of doing it we take it to our customers.

We proudly offer a full strip and clean up service where we can check for bent, broken, and dilapidated components, like the pictured bearings. Our why isn’t predicated on the thrill of dirty parts, but more so the thrill of fixing and refurbishing a kart for a racer and seeing them light up when they get out on trackand feel the rush of a fresh kart.

Thank you all for the love and support of DMA Motorsports. We really do appreciate, and thrive on it.

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