Since taking on the challenge of running DMA Motorsports I have learned a couple things about both myself and the karting industry as a whole.

Im not going to bore you to death with indepth analysis, but in this mini series I will touch on a couple of the headaches and the lessons learned from the kart shop to trackside support. So lets get into it!

Life behind the wheel

Every time I climb into the DMA Motorsports house kart I have the same wave of feelings. Passion, adrenaline, excitement. Its doesn’t matter if its for a local weekly race or a national level qualifier, my heart races and my vision zones in, and it is not until the engine is started and I am staring down the track at the flagman with the green flag in hand that I reach my ZEN.

Even with all those feelings before the kart shop I still manage to add another level. Owning a full service kart shop and being the primary driver testing and preparing products adds a level of stress and fear to the mix.

Im now required to take the parts and pieces I have in my trailer and put them on display. I have every confidence in the world in the products we carry at DMA Motorsports, but what if still looms. 

We preach in our mission statement: “we run what we sell, and we will get you back on track and out front.” We stand behind this to a T, but, when I get on the track the what if this part fails? What if the fastest lap these parts could make is negated by my error?

I, as a driver, kart shop owner, and passionate contender in the sport of karting think about this type of stuff every race, every lap, every corner. We will continue to strive for the best parts for our customers and continue to reassure them in that quality because “we run what we sell.”

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