Wanted to give you all a look ahead at the DMA Motorsports week.

We are planning to put more towards our social media efforts in the naext week, we have alot of incentives planned, as well as a Live event and some driver development! If you haven’t already subscribed to the Facebook page, get to Facebook, Search @DMAMotorsports.

We are going to run a picture of the day contest on Instagram. You need to get on and comment on the picture use #NDkartshop and you are entered for the drawing during the live event. @dmamotorsports is our profile on Instagram, get there, follow us, reap the REWARDS!

Lastly, we will be rolling out the new online store and we are going to offer a membership discount for the first members of our store and newsletter that will all launch on the same day, so please tune in and follow us for that info!

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week and PLEASE, follow, follow, FOLLOW US!

Thank you!