“Some will just hate you, and some will flat out fight you every chance they get.”

This is one of the quotes that rattles around in my head every time I show up to a track for trackside support, or work with you in my shop.

Some of you have had the unfortunate experience in seeing the recent mess in the shop, we are tight on space wich is a crappy excuse for the mess, but know that it truly bothers me that some of you have seen this and I apologize. 

This is my emotional response to everything that doesn’t go exactly right, or when a customer is unhappy with something I have been involved with or sold them. As a client of DMA Motorsports it is highly likely you will never physically see these emotions. 

I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A PITTY PARTY! Just wanted to clarify this, the title is Learning The Balance, not “Oh please feel sorry for me because I bottle things up.” Im definitely not here to talk about psychology, I know go karts, and go fast kart parts. 

The end lesson I am stressing is that as a driver or father of a driver, emotional awareness and keeping those emotions in check is a tremendous step towards continuity in your pit area and shop. A quick rash decision on a set up, or tires because you frustrated or upset can land you in a bigger hole than if you would have just calmed down or stepped away and composed yourself.