By now most of you know that DMA Motorsports is on a mission. That mission: 


Let it be known we don’t win every race every time out, but our house karts and our customers using our prep, our setups, or our products will be in the hunt. This is a very arrogant statement to make, and I do apologize for the arrogance, but I can honestly say that the track record should backup that statement.

At DMA Motorsports we refuse to believe that karting is a dying sport, we believe it is just misunderstood. The misunderstanding comes from the idea that it is something that only little kids do at an amusement park. Karting’s fan base is not easily accounted for because an event doesn’t usually fill the stands, it lines the pit fences. 90% of the spectators at kart races both nationally, and locally, are in the pit area. The day will come when there will be so many pit spectators someone will take notice and say “wow, that kart race had a great turn out!”

Until then I extend a simple “challenge,”  

  1.  If you are already a seasoned veteran, my challenge to you is bring 1 or 2 new people with as spectators. 
  2. If you are new to the sport, first or second year, invite everyone you know! Start creating a fan base that would rival Dale Jr. 
  3. Lastly if you just stumbled across this post by accident, get in contact with either us or someone you may already know is in karting, ask when the next race is, and go watch!

Have fun be safe and we will see you out there!