With now 2 weeks away from racing due to rain, or other mother nature mishaps it gave me a moment to sit back and evaluate some of what this year is shaping up to reveal based on the first race of the Dakota Kart Tour.

  • Competition is tough this year: Its going to require serious commitment from everyone involved with each race kart/ team.
  • There will be surprise finishes: With several karts, including DMA Motorsports karts falling just short, or getting a glimpse at a win last season there is a lot of hunger in the fields.
  • GROWTH: It is high time someone points out the ugly truth, the dirty secret, the elephant in the room or whatever other analogies you want to use. KARTING IS NOT A DYING SPORT! There it’s off our chest, it’s out there, the rumors are false!

Karting is growing, just at a calmer rate than 5, or 10 years ago, so spread the word!

  • Homework will be key: If you have watched the YouTube tech updates on our DMA Motorsports Channel (click here to check it out), you will notice a similar theme. Maintenance and prep work on both kart, and tires, win races.

Last thoughts: 

  • No matter who is the break out star of the North Dakota karting scene one thing is for sure, DMA Motorsports will be there to keep you on track and up front!

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