After 2 weeks of rain outs, We decided to pack up and head for Aberdeen South Dakota and turn laps at the wonderful Aberdeen Kart Club facility. It was their season opener, a balmy 95 degrees out, and a slight breeze.

Two complete shows were on the ticket and all 3 karts in the DMA Motorsports camp were primed for both, blistering shows.

Brandt Winterquist had his newly dressed #37 Platinum Racing Chassis TG3 on hand and looking fast.

Whyatt Reisenour was also in the field with his iconic #31 Platinum TG3, ready to roll off with the Jr. 3 racers.

Anthony Kopp also had his DMA Motorsports, Platinum Racing Chassis TG3 checked in and ready to roll under the number 7K.

With no tire prep allowed at the track it presented a new challenge and forced the TG3 to show its true handling abilities. Both Brandt and Whyatt had decent heat race runs to qualify for the first show, while the 7k house kart was plagued by a consistent 4 wheel drift that was causing no grip anywhere on the track. And it would remain through the feature of the first show, rendering a 5th place finish.

Brandt Winterquist would wind up cutting down a right rear tire early on in the first feature placing him 6th. The young gun MR. WHYATT REISENOUR, would be the biggest  shaker out of the DMA Motorsports camp in show 1 scoring a solid second place finish in the first feature.

Show 2 brought some luck to the 7k house kart as the “rookie mistake” that created the lack of grip problem was discovered before heat race 2, corrected, and grip restored finally! Anthony was running a dominant feature until a late race mistake, and spin out, cost him the win or second at the very least. “We were flying blind in 3 and 4 with the sun and dust.” was the comment after words. The spin out set the 7k to the tail and the restart rendered a hard charge from 10th to 4th with only 4 laps left in the feature. Brandt Winterquist would wrestle his #37 Platinum TG3 into the 5th position, giving DMA Motorsports/ Platinum Chassis a solid double top 5 in the adult class on the first trip to AKC! The #31 kart of Whyatt Reisenour would charge to an early lead and dominate the first half of the race until the dust and glare in turn 4 would grab him too causing a spin. He would gather himself up and charge back to a well deserved fourth place finish!

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