Jamestown ND — June 25th, 2017

Buffalo City Karting hosted a make up race on Sunday and it didn’t lack excitement in the slightest. The new clay was still in need of a little fine tuning but the race was a go with the drivers being warned of the rough conditions.
The break out stars of the last couple events have been the Andersen brothers, with Alex in the 61 kart consistently in the top 5 and Austin in the 14A always climbing to be a contender, this weeks DMA Motorsports most improved mention goes to both Austin and Alex Andersen.

Austin Andersen #14A
Austin Andersen #14A photo credit to Kim Kessler

As always the Nelson brothers were there and heavy contenders, with niether one backing down or moving over, even with a broken bumper. Also on hand were the Grabinger Brothers, who were face with a little struggle all day with the rough track taking its toll on the carbs and causing flooding issues.

WYATT WINS BCK 6-18-2017
Team Chaos Feature Win 6-18-2017, will he repeat this week?

Jr.2 black slide would have Wyatt Reisenour and Ryan Erdahl swing for the win in both features. A week ago Wyatt scooped up his first feature win on the season, but this week belonged to Ryan Erdahl as he found his groove and #parkedit in victory lane in both shows.