There is a lot to be said about prep work. Whether it is getting a kart completely ripped down, cleaned and put back together for the next event. Or, it’s spending the needed 2 weeks prepping, and sizing tires leading up to a big, prestigious event like the Midwest Maxx Daddy. We can not stress enough on how important doing your homework on the track you are headed to as well as getting your equipment in tip, top shape before you head out to your next event.

Things to think about:

  • AIR FILTER! Wash it out and re-oil it every time, esspecially when on dirt!
  • Clutch: If running a bushing, or needle bearing gear, take it off clean and re-lube it everytime. If running a sealed ball bearing gear, at least blow it out every race, and pull it off and clean it up every other.
  • Tires: CLEAN THEM UP! Wheels included. Then get that first round of prep on them to help keep the grip in them.
  • Bearings, Chains, and Spindles: Rear axle bearings, and chains we pull off after every event. Flush bearings clean, blow dry, and lubricate. The chain we soak in AMSOIL HD Degreaser while we are cleaning bearings. We then blow dry and lubricate with AMSOIL Chain Lube.

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