There are a ton of trailers that will show up to a track and claim they have the winning combination but have never layed down a practice lap with them. We test and prove our products and the finishes speak for themselves.


We have not only been laying down wins and top 3’s all over the place but we have been running full tilt on building new chassis and getting talented drivers into some fast karts.

This is what DMA Motorsports was founded on, the idea, the drive, the passion to build a better name and a stronger presence for karting in the racing community. It all starts with karts, drivers, and racing families who want to give it a try.

We always have said we will never force anyone into a purchase that has products we haven’t tested. A short list of examples include: Platinum Racing Chassis, SMC Vortex Clutches, Rapid Bodyworks, VanK Wheels, and Southern Comfort Tire Treatments. While the prices of our various products will fluctuate, our commitment to quality service and tech support will continue to be on the cutting-edge.

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Thank You ALL for a great 2017 season! Even though its the end of the summer events for most tracks, keep us in mind if you are getting ready for a big end of the year event!

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Thank You all, and HAPPY FALL!