Night 1:

Opening night of the 2017 Bob Sailer Memorial race in West Fargo North Dakota was slated to be a busy one. 55 karts checked in on night one to run three points based heat races and start logging points towards their starting position for A-Main on night 2.

The DMA Motorsports 7k house kart ran all 3 qualifying heats in the stock adult class. Heat 1 started pole finished first. Heat2 and Heat3 the starting position was moved to the rear of the field, but both of the remaining qualifying heats saw the #7k Platinum Racing Chassis cross the line #1.

The #37 DMA Motorsports team kart rode by Brandt Winterquist was in a differentgroup but ran with mirrored success. Brandt logged 3 qualifying wins setting the tone that DMA Motorsports had speed in the karts and they were capable of tapping into it.


Night 2:

Championship night brought a whole new set of hurdles. Not only was it a new night with different track conditions, but, the DMA house Platinum TG3 was sold as well as the tires that were on that kart!

With Anthony running a new kart with a different set of tires as well, and not much time for setup and tuning, chances of a great finish were questionable at best. This meant that teammate Brandt Winterquist would be on the hook to put down the consistent fast runs he was good for.

Both karts went out on the track for the final qualifier and started last and had mirrored second place finishes, placing both karts firmly on the front row!

Rather than bore you to death with a lap by lap description of the A-Main I will give the cliff notes version:

  • Started front row with both karts
  • End of lap one, shuffled to last and second to last
  • Half way point back up to 2nd and 3rd
  • Checkers fell and we had both karts sitting 2 and 3 and running down the leader.

If you want to watch the full event follow the links below and scroll to the time stamps listed.

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Video Location:

07-10-2017 Night 1– Brandt 21:45, Anthony 23:45, Brandt 42:20, Anthony 44:19, Brandt 1:05:02, Anthony 1:07:22

07-17-2017 Night 2– Brandt 19:02, Anthony 21:01, A-Main 57:50